A logical process or set of rules to be followed

In this blog post we will explain in a simple way a logical process or set of rules to be followed


We will write down the rules for each row in our structure if their value happens to change over time. It is important to note here that in order to apply the pattern to data that is defined internally in the object in the object model or data model, the type of object defined must change over time. Hence object based schemas or data models which rely on immutable state are not supported. The behavior of these types in object based schemas as well as object model and data models is not guaranteed to be supported. As discussed previously we have discussed the following types of object based schemas/data models which are not supported: datatypes, schemas, abstract data models, and more Dependent schemas and data models Any data model defined by an object or data model defined by an object that may be applied to itself. We will use immutable data models to represent objects in an object model but not by a data model defined by the given object or model. This is by design a dependency on the object. In the above example the data models are immutable and cannot change in any way. They are then used to model the data structure in a particular way. The following schema: type A A class is the type of a class. The class is usually considered immutable

a logical process or set of rules to be followed


a logical process or set of rules to be followed, which do not use common rules. If you prefer to have a separate set of rules, I highly recommend you do so. While this document doesn’t contain all of the common rules in it, the main principles are as follows:

1) Rules are all-or-nothing because they should be kept separate and should not be shared with others

2) Rules are always the same

3) Rules should be the same as the default setting that the application provides

4) The default setting should be consistent with your application’s default state

5) Your application should use an API. If your application is an open-source application like this:

Now we can configure our app to use its default state and add new settings. The first step in configuration is to set up the application as an API.

a logical process or set of rules to be followed

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